Diary entries on Benedick or Beatrice for Acts 1 and 2

Please IMPROVE and DEVELOP your diary entries on either Beatrice and Benedick which you have worked upon already in class, posting your diary entries in reply to this post. Print out and stick in your book as well.

Your diary entry should include:

  • The characters’ thoughts and feelings
  • Their thoughts about Leonato, who is the Governor of Messina; his daughter Hero; their thoughts about the party — remember Beatrice criticizes Benedick quite badly knowing that he is listening, although disguised by a masque.
  • What they think will happen next.




13 responses

  1. Dear diary,
    I have come on this holiday, and have found the one I love. I have never felt this way before. Her name is Hero and she is the daughter of Leonato, the owner of this estate. However, I have a fear that she any decline my effection, so this is why Don Pedro will help me gain her love. Recently at a dinner party, all themes had to wear masks, and this was the perfect opportunity for him to pretend to be me and make her fall in love with ‘me’… This has hopefully been successful and my love has been seen to.

    Sincerely, Claudio x

  2. Dear diary,

    I have come on this holiday to Leonato’s land. On this holiday I have found the one who my heart longs for. I have never felt this way before. Her name is Hero and she is the daughter of Leonato, the owner of this estate. However, I have a fear that she any decline my affection, so this is why Don Pedro will help me gain her love. My affection for her is so great that I can’t help but show it to her. Recently at a dinner party, all themes had to wear masks, and this was the perfect opportunity for him to pretend to be me and make her fall in love with ‘me’. This has hopefully been successful and my love has been seen to.

    Your one and only true love, Claudio

  3. Dear Diary, I am not particularly happy at all. Claudio has been blinded by ‘love’ as they call it, it’s a waste of time I tell you! He hasn’t gone a minute without mentioning this godforsaken women! How much he ‘Love”s her and ‘Wants to be with her’ I tell you now, this is ridiculous, even if he truly loves this women, we are soldiers, we should not waste our time on such a thing, and he can find better than a women from an old estate!

    I don’t see why anyone cares about love, it’s a waste of time and i’m getting really annoyed with Claudio now, he is a man, not a love blinded fool!


  4. Dear Diary,
    I’ve got a deceiving plan to break apart the upcoming marriage of soon to be husband and wife Prince Claudio and Hero. I do know that after my plan has worked people will not like me and deceive of me for crushing ones dreams, but it has to be done and I suppose I’m helping him and doing him a massive favour as one does not need a useless woman coming in to his life just to ruin it.
    My Plan: I’ll make Claudio fall in love with Beatrice and then he’ll realise that he loves her and not Hero, then the wedding shall not go on. I know that it might not work but I shall have to make it.
    Leonato thinks I’m being mean and impolite to the one of whom he chooses to marry, but is it just me who thinks that the wedding is a bad idea? Or is it just that no one else cares about his future, I’m only trying to help him and I know it will be for the best in the end for the both of them.
    Yours sincerely, Don Pedro

  5. Dear Diary,

    This holiday is turning out to be a big success. Finally, I have found someone I truly care about… I’ve never felt this much love for one person this way before. Her name is Hero, the daughter of Leonato (Who’s the owner of the estate) I don’t know what to do though.. should I tell her my love for her or not? I do not know how she’ll react… I really like it to her, but I just don’t know if the feelings are mutual. We had a party today, and we all had to wear masks (Since it was a themed party) so this could finally been my chance! I tried to act like myself and charm her to convince her to marry me. Hopefully she didn’t recognize who was behind the mask… Maybe tommorow, she will like me more, since I know way more than her!

    Who knows how tommorow will go..

  6. Dear Evil Diary,

    Yes, yes, yes and yes. I’m so happy. My plans are working so far. I hate everyone. Everyone apart from my best friend Borachio. He and Margret are in love. Margret is Hero’s gentle-woman. So I made a evil plan to spoil everything. Margret is going to dress up as Hero. She is going to dress up in Hero’s cloths. So is also going to be in Hero’s room. Therefor everyone is going to thing that Margret is Hero. Borachio and Margret are going to have a snog. They are also going to kiss. Everyone will think that Hero is betraying Claudio. Better still when I was talking to my half brother Don Pedro and Claudio I said what a shame that Hero is cheating on my dear friend Claudio. As they both are so dumb they believed me. That is Hero and Claudio sorted out. I then made a plan to trick Benedick thinking that Beatrice is in love with him. He is a sarcastic, witty bachelor who swears he will never marry. Also one of my plans was to trick Beatrice to think that Benedick loves her. Beatrice is the niece of Leonato. She is Hero’s witty, older cousin, she has an ongoing ‘merry war’ of words with Benedick; she mentions once that “I would he had boarded me,” insinuating that they had a past relationship. She swears never to marry. She then asks him to avenge Hero’s dishonor and he reluctantly agrees to challenge Claudio to a duel. So as you see everything is perfect.

  7. Prince Claudio has always been one of my closest companions. I had had a slight inkling of doubt about this “holiday” to Leonato’s estate. To be honest I would rather be on the battlefield. That sounds harsh, I know but it is the truth! Surrounded by over-excited women for God knows how long makes my blood boil. It looks like I was right to be wary…
    It was an extremely hot summers day when we arrived, which made me sweat even more than I already was. Everyone else was foolishly excited, much to my disappointment. Apart from Don John (Prince Claudio’s brother) but that’s nothing new.
    Don Pedro made us go and introduce ourselves to the ladies. Paying particular attention to Leonato and his beautiful daughter Hero. That’s quite a compliment to her, I have a dislike as you might have noticed to women. That was when this trip was going to get worse. While Leonato and Don Pedro were making friendly conversation I peeked a small glance at Claudio. To put it simply I didn’t like what I saw. He was standing there, idiotically grinning at Hero. If there was half as many people there, I dare-say I would’ve fainted!
    I should tell you what the real reason is, why I’ve desperately wanted to be back on the battlefield. I don’t like to talk about my past and say un-gentleman like things to people, but Leonato’s niece Beatrice is a mere exception to that rule. I won’t make a long account but let me just say the Beatrice and me don’t meet eye-to-eye! She started to say stupid comments about me, and I’m quite short-tempered, so we got ourselves into a bit of a spat. Since I don’t like topics like this I’ll move on to the masked dance party, held later that evening.
    I’m not a very keen dancer. So it wasn’t much to my surprise (and bad luck), that I got paired up with… Beatrice! Luckily it was a masked party or the evening would’ve had a lot of tension. I offered her my arm (as I can be very gentleman like when it suits me). We started to dance, swaying softly from side-to-side, (if she knew it was me she probably would have stepped on my toes on purpose), and by the conversation we were having she could obviously tell that it wasn’t the person she hated most in the world behind the mask! Perhaps I don’t have that much bad luck after all! On the other hand though, she was moaning about me a lot, but I bit my tongue and kept my thoughts only inside my head. Trust me, that was a very hard thing to do!


  8. A lot has changed since last time. To begin with, it was a warm sunny day. My mood was quite overcast. But as you have probably grasped by now that’s nothing new!

    I was strolling in Leonato’s garden, its beauty normally makes my bad moods evaporate. An annoying thought that was on my mind was how my best companion was so in love with Leonato’s daughter Hero! Plus it didn’t actually help that he was marrying her soon. My friend then came into sight with Don Pedro and his father-in-law to be, Leonato.

    This is where the shocking new burst into my life. One of the sweetest conversations man could ever hear was happening right in front of me. That was quite a privilege. They were all talking about Beatrice and a bit about Hero, but because Beatrice and I dislike each other heavily I paid more attention to what they said about her. This is officially the news. Don Pedro announced that Beatrice was head-over-heels in love with me! At first it was very shocking and I didn’t know how to react. I thought at first that they were just simply joking around, but as the conversation got deeper, I realized that they were telling the truth. The truth as they say, is quite hard to believe at first, especially when you think it was originally a lie.

    Before you know it I was a changed man. All bad feelings had flowed off me, like water flowing down a waterfall. I know what my dear friend Claudio feels like now. And how I’ve been dissing him and rolling my eyes up heavenward and now I feel exactly the same! Now it feels like I’ve never said anything bad to Beatrice. All I feel is over-whelming love towards her. That’s all for today otherwise I could go on about her for eternity, and most probably longer!

  9. Dear Diary,

    Today seems like a dream, I still cannot believe that my true love was right under my nose all this time. We were having our ‘merry war’ as well. I just cant believe it. Well, I suppose I had better start at the beginning – I was sitting in the orchard this afternoon, deciding on the virtues that would be required of my future wife, when I suddenly heard Don Pedro, Leonato and Claudio coming. Without thinking, I jumped into the bushes but instantly regretted doing so as I realized I would have to remain there until they returned to the house after finishing their long and boring conversation about love. Nobody noticed that I was hidden in the bush, and the three men sat down on the bench and prepared to listen to Balthasar’s singing. What followed was the soppiest and most pathetic song I have heard in a long while. I prepared myself to be bored stiff and was almost in utter despair when suddenly Balthasar was sent away and the men began talking in a quite different tone. I sat up instantly when I heard my name mentioned and began to eavesdrop on their conversation. They talked about how Beatrice had “an enraged affection” for me. Beatrice of all people! The way she talks and acts around me I would have thought she despised me, but now I find out that she is in love with me! It is just too much to take in. They said that the reason she dares not tell me of her love is that I would “make but a sport of it, and torment the poor lady worse”. They discussed her many good qualities and listening to them really made me realize what an extraordinary and fine woman she is, I am honoured to have her love. The conversation soon came to a close and the three men left, leaving me to ponder what I had just heard. I soon decided I would return Beatrice’s affection, I think I have always loved her but I have only just started listening to my heart. It is almost as if listening to Claudio’s conversation today has opened a door in my heart and let my true feelings for Beatrice free. All this time we have been hiding our love by mocking each other, pretending that we loathe one another. We human beings show our feelings in the most peculiar ways. I’m just loving it.

  10. Dear diary,

    At first, I didn’t know what to think or what to do, but then, it hit me like a lightning bolt. The only way to stop this wedding or ‘fairy tale’ couple as one might call them, is to trick one of the lovers… I have decided to trick Claudio who must be thick because he fell for Heroin the first place. Anyway my plan is this: I will get Borachio to tell Hero’s gentle-woman, Margraret, that he wants to meet her but she has to dress in Hero’s clothes to look like Hero. Then, by the window, where everyone outside can see, I will make Borachio kiss Margaret. However this will look like Hero is kissing Borachio and Claudio will hopefully think that that is what is happening. Oh, how I wish my plan will work. Hahaha…

    Sincerely, Don Pedro

  11. Dear Diary, Today was probably the most happy day I have ever experienced in all of my living days, I take back everything I said in my last entry. I said that everyone in love was a fool, such as Claudio, now I’m the fool in love… Who would have thought that Beatrice, one of my worst enemy’s is now the women I have feelings for? I hated love because I never felt it for anybody in my life, I was jealous of those in love… I am writing this entry in astonishment for what happened in the past day… Maybe Beatrice feels the same way about this, Once we were Rivals, Now lovers… I always wanted to fight and be on the battlefield, showering myself in pride and glory, and looked down upon others who wouldn’t, like when we first arrived How Claudio was so ‘lovestruck’ by hero… I want to keep this diary entry short because I am so happy right now I’m stuck on anything else to write….

    – Benedick

  12. He loves me, he really does! I heard it with my own two ears. I can’t believe that he loves me! Oh sweet Benedick I am sorry for being so rude to you all this time. When shall he propose? I must prepare my answer. ‘Yes!’ that is what I will say. Our children will be called Beatedick and Benrice. I am in love. I have never heard my heart throb so hard. I need to talk to him, just to see him just for one second to make my heart whole. I need the kiss of the sweet Benedick to touch my lips to make me feel happy. Thinking about it Benedick is actually really good looking, he is the man of my dreams. I won’t settle for anything less!

    Love you Ben

    Your Love Beatrice x x x

  13. Dear Diary,

    The soldiers arrived home today. There is one, extremely annoying man that is one of them, Benedick. What a clown, he talks about absolutely nothing, and complains about how women are imperfect in every way. I honestly don’t know why he exists. He shows no change from the last time I saw him. When I spoke to him I said “A bird of my tongue is better than a beast of yours”. Making quite clear that I did not enjoy hearing him talk. I pray that he may not bore me to death with his constant ranting.


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